Wednesday, March 19, 2014

                       Sponge cake
                       3                                                         yolks
                       3                                                         egg whites
                       3                                                         eggs
                       123gr                                                   granulated sugar
                       53gr                                                     cake flour
                       20gr                                                     cocoa powder
                       40gr                                                     powdered sugar
                       as preferred                                         vanilla
                       Citrus cream
                       180gr                                                   heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
                       100gr                                                   white chocolate
                       60gr                                                     orange juice with or without liqueur
                       2,4gr                                                   gelatin sheets, softened in cold water
                       2Tbs                                                    mandarin or orange marmalade
                       1tsp                                                     orange zest
                       170gr                                                   heavy cream
                       170gr                                                   chocolate
For the citrus cream warm the orange juice until slightly hot but not boiling and stir in the softened gelatin. When it's completely dissolved  reheat if necessary to slightly warm up the mixture and pure it over the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is melted, using microwave if needed, and add the zest and marmalade. Set aside to cool until lukewarm and finally fold in the whipped cream. Keep in fridge until set and spreadable, even overnight.
Continue with the sponge cake by shifting the flour with cocoa powder and separately combining the eggs yolks, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk the mixture at high  speed until thick ribbon stage and pale in color. In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites with powdered sugar to meringue  Add the meringue to the yolk mixture alternately with the flour and fold as few times as possible and carefully not to deflate until combined. Spread the batter on a 30x40cm lined sheet pan and bake at a preheated convection oven to190C for about 12min until it has gained a slight color and springs back when touched.
Then let it cool, turn it upside down and remove the parchment paper from the bottom. Spread the cream on that surface after giving it a little stir to soften and roll the sponge cake lengthwise  in an tight and even manner. Keep it in fridge rolled in the parchment paper and make the ganache by combining the chocolate with the heated until hot cream. Stir until completely smooth and finally pure over the sponge cake roll. Refrigerate for the cake to set and optionally serve with orange confit and and chocolate decorations.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

 Thanks Inma for this month's challenge! It was so simple yet so enjoyable and unexpectedly flavorful. For my variation I decided to blend the milky flavors with coffee infused creme anglaise and add cocoa dusted cream cheese mousse in a tiramisu inspired combination. Delicious!
                             140gr                                                           cake flour
                             11gr                                                             baking powder
                              6                                                                 yolks
                             115gr                                                           granulated sugar
                              6                                                                 egg whites

                              320ml                                                           sweetened condensed milk
                              275ml                                                           evaporated milk
                              365ml                                                           heavy cream
                              45ml                                                             dark rum

                              Coffee crème anglaise
                              5                                                                   egg yolks
                              125gr                                                             sugar
                              415ml                                                            milk
                              as preferred                                                    vanilla
                              6gr                                                                 Instant coffee
                              Cream cheese mousse
                              300gr                                                              cream cheese
                              6,4gr                                                               gelatin sheet
                              55gr                                                                water
                              28gr                                                                dark rum
                              135ml                                                              heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
                              3                                                                     egg whites, room temperature
                              145gr                                                               sugar
                              as preferred                                                     vanilla
                              as needed                                                        cocoa powder

Start with the syrup by simply combining all the ingredients in a bowl. For the cake shift flour with baking powder together and set aside. Then beat the egg yolks with 45gr of sugar until pale and thick and separately whisk the egg whites with the rest of the sugar to meringue. Fold one third of the meringue to the yolk mixture and gradually continue with the rest, adding simultaneously the flour mixture and gently incorporating with a spatula. Pour the batter in a lined 20x24cm pan and bake at a preheated oven to 180C for 30-40min until the cake is golden brown and bounces back when lightly pressed. While the cake is still hot, invert it on a deep plate and pick holes with a knife to enhance the absorption.

Then gradually pour the syrup with a ladle on the surface, let it cool and refrigerate. For the cream cheese mousse combine  20gr of the water with rum in a small pot and soak in the gelatin. Set aside and in a separate pot bring the sugar with the rest of the water to boil. When the syrup reaches 100C start whisking the egg whites and as soon as syrup temperature rises up to 115C, remove from heat and pour it in a thin string into the egg whites while whisking in high speed. Keep whisking until the meringue is relatively cool and stiff. Then with the heat left on the stove warm the gelatin mixture just until dissolved without overheating. Beat the cream cheese with the mixer until creamy without lumps and stir in the vanilla and melted gelatin incorporating well.

Fold in one third of the meringue and continue with portions of the rest along with the whipped cream. Refrigerate until quite set and ready to be piped and meanwhile prepare the creme anglaise. Warm the milk and vanilla until hot but not boiling in saucepan and whisk the egg yolks with the sugar in a separate bowl until smooth. Temper the yolks with one third of the milk whisking well and combine the mixture with the rest of the milk on the stove. Warm in low heat and stir constantly until quite thickened without exceeding 85C. Then remove from heat, transfer in a cold bowl, dissolve in the coffee and set aside to cool. When the topping is ready, pipe it over the cake and dust with plenty of cocoa powder. Finally cut the cake and serve each portion over a layer of creme anglaise.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

                                     Sponge cake
                                     80gr                                                                sugar
                                     68gr                                                                cornstarch
                                     68gr                                                                bread flour
                                     5                                                                     egg yolks
                                     190gr                                                              egg whites
                                     1                                                                     zested orange 
                                     Pastry cream
                                     480ml                                                              milk
                                     35gr                                                                cornstarch
                                     115gr                                                               granulated sugar
                                      2                                                                    eggs
                                     55gr                                                                 butter, room temperature
                                     1/2                                                                  vanilla pod
                                     1/4tsp                                                             salt
                                    Chocolate glaze
                                    182gr                                                                sweet dark chocolate
                                    56gr                                                                  butter
                                    16gr                                                                  cocoa powder
                                    24gr                                                                  dark rum
                                    102gr                                                                 honey

For the pastry cream heat the milk with the vanilla seeds and pod and whisk eggs with sugar, cornstarch and salt together in a bowl until smooth. Just before the milk starts to boil, slowly pour one third of it in the egg mixture whisking rapidly and then return it to the remaining milk and on medium heat. Stir constantly until the mixtures comes to boil and remove from heat discarding the vanilla pods. Finally incorporate the butter and let cool covered with baking paper before refrigerating. To make the sponge cake combine 34gr of the sugar with half of the cornstarch and shift the rest of it with the flour. Whip the egg yolks with 30gr sugar and orange zest until light and fluffy and whisk the egg whites with the rest of the sugar until foamy. Then lower the mixture speed and gradually add the cornstarch and sugar mixture. Fold half of the egg whites mixture in the yolks, add the flour and then fold in the remaining egg whites.

Quickly fill a pastry bag with the batter and pipe 40 5cm wide and 2cm tall balls on parchment paper. Bake at 200C for 10min or until golden brown and let cool. For the glaze melt the chopped chocolate with butter on a bain marie and mix the cocoa powder in the rum until smooth. Add the honey and then stir into the chocolate mixture. If necessary let cool to a quite sticky and thick consistency. Then pair the sponge shells together as bottom and top half and cover the first with piped pastry cream. Hold the top halves with the bottom up and slightly push them against the glaze surface so that it sticks onto but not completely covers the sponge shells. Since they will strongly stick on the glaze, pull them forcefully taking along an excess of glaze that will spread into a smooth surface without dripping. Finally match the tops with their bottoms and optionally finish with a confit decoration.